Pseudointellectual ramblings

What follows is a collection of my writings (or ramblings) on various issues that interest me (in case you've not guessed it, I'm extremely opinionated). The missives are roughly categorised by:


What is science without philosophy and philosophy without science?


This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Movies, plays, and other shows

A complete a list of numerical (0-9) ratings for both reviewed and unreviewed movies is available since I no longer have time to review most movies. This list below is for movies with any kind of a review, and is ordered by date of review. An alphabetical sorting of this list is also available. Read the history and motivation for my movie ramblings or check out my choices for the best movies.


Many of the movies above are derived from books. I don't include the reviews here again unless my comments specifically compare the movie to the book, or unless the book is the driving force behind the movie. Also, I consider comic books to be an integral part of being "well read" in terms of literature and art (as well as literature as art!).


From dreams, while sleeping, fully awake, or anywhere in between.


This section includes that which is important to me, which, for various reasons, I've not spent too much time writing about on this web page (hey, I have to enjoy some things without analysing them excessively, right?).

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