A browser based social network

The idea is to create a social network package within the browser code. Allow commentary on all pages. Track by some combination of provided login or IP + version + userlogin + etc. (similar to wikipedia but this will be more powerful).

This arose from the description of the history of my web site, ram.org: There was no ability to comment on the pages since not only did I feel they represented an opinion (going as far as to even name it "pseudointellectual ramblings") but also I believe the solution should be technological and independent of the author. For example, Google's SideWiki is an example of how portals, search engines, and social network communities can have their own commenting systems for any given web page. I think a browser based community, for example, one in Mozilla firefox, would automatically create a huge community and potentially rival facebook or even be better. The general ideas from Facebook (not the exact manner) and the mistakes they've made could be learnt from but it can be done better. More simpler, fewer confusing options, and a cleaner interface could be designed.

The source code for Mozilla is available so this is doable for anyone with some computer programming skill. The next release of Mozilla with this feature will "automatically" get everyone involved!

This can then also be done with Chrome, thus uniting the two communities and really really get on the path to world domination. In general, obviously, this can be extended to any browser where the source is available.

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