What's cool and what sucks

This is a page dedicated to finding out things that make life worth living and exposing the inane ones. This is a complement to my best and the worst of CA, DC, MD, VA, and WA pages, as well as my complaints and compliments pages. I just started this; as it grows, I'll also include a history.

What's cool...

EMP SkyChurch in the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA
Great acoustics, great sound system, great visuals result in a phenomenal experience -- this is the way a club for music should be designed!
Space Harp in the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA
A cool instrument with a great sound, especially as played by MASS Ensemble.

...and what sucks

Video tutorials on the Web
These things consume way more bytes and time than a written manual which has great seek options. I have no problems with video being a complement to regular manuals, and sometimes video tutorials can be better than text documents, but they are way overused (at the time of writing, Jan 12 2011).
Last Supper Club on S Washington Street in Seattle, WA
I have nothing but utter contempt for places that have a dress code. My philosophy is that it is inane to pay money to someone to tell you how to dress.

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