Church of the Almighty Revealed in Biotechnology

Well, the story is that Jonathan, my neighbour at the Centre for Advanced Research in Biotechnology (CARB) where I did my Ph.D. (he was in the cubicle next to mine) saw my ULC Reverendhood certificate and decided to become ordained also. He then designed the name for the local congregation (CARB) and the neat logo you see above.

My religion isn't entirely about proteins, but it's one of the major things that influences my behaviour, both in a reductionist sense: proteins are the most important molecules in life and their interactions govern everything I do, and protein folding is the most important process in life; and in a holistic sense: my life and research revolve around the the protein folding problem. But beyond that: computers and computing, science, and thinking deep thoughts are what form the essence of my religion. More on this in my pseudo-intellectual ramblings page.

As you can tell, I'm fanatically religious. This is why Kiekegaard said that religion, like entropy, will consume the world and lead to its eventual destruction. I hope after seeing this, you too will have seen the light and convert and be saved.

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