Cool images

Images that aren't included in the above end up below.


Pi à la mode
A conceptual painting of Pi (the irrational). This has been published in the journal Cyberkind.
War and Peace
I drew this picture from memory (a series of dreams, actually) around 1985, along with a series of other pictures juxtaposing the death/war figure in different paradoxical Orwellian contexts. I'll scan the others and put them up as I find time.
This is the logo for my band of the same name (feel free to check out the musical aspects of my art as well). The logo was designed by manipulating the sequence/structure of a protein molecule on a computer to spell out the letters in the band name using a one letter code for the amino acids. The gimmick CD case is also pretty cool.
The Infinity Series of Images (in progress)
A series of images based on the concepts of infinity, strange loops and recursion, and self reference.

Interesting things

Terminator T-800
This was made from recycled motor parts from a Thai artist.
It's where the heart is.
My Yamaha motorcyle
I haven't ridden it since 1993. I miss it!
The tattoo got me high!
(L->R) I, nessa, Lynn, and Maureen.

Images of me

Rock 'n' roll
With my guitar (rock) and rollerblades (roll) on stone (rock).
Mr. Cool
Above image Photoshopped and used in my first album cover.
Existential graduation
My undergraduation. I undergraduated in a T-shirt and shorts.
Programming: an intellectual orgasm!
I claim computing is better than sex.
Who wants YOU?
"Uncle Sam has never looked so good." ---Lynn.
In Bud Heaven? Yeah, right!
Alcohol is for DNA and the dweebs.

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